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Epigenetics and Memory

Excitatory signals, are an essential part of working memory. Disrupt them and you affect memory. In Alzheimer’s Disease a lot of glutamate receptors are down regulated or lost and that disrupts excitatory signals. Why? The villain of the piece is … Continue reading

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How Your Measuring Tool Was Made Makes A Difference In Cosmology

Last week I wrote about a dawning realization in Cosmology that White Dwarf stars may be older than previously thought. There are likely implications for how this might affect predicted values of distance and age of the regions they live … Continue reading

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Neurons from The Spectrum are different from the not on the spectrum

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Big News On Dwarf Stars Rejigs Stellar Clocks

Stars like our Sun get old and become Red Giants. Then they get older and eventually Shed Their Skins (outer layers) leaving behind a remnant which we call a White Dwarf. White dwarf stars are some of the oldest stellar … Continue reading

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Daring or Dangerous?

This is the last lost draft I’m dredging up to publish. (it’s not that old) I’ve been involved with computers for a long time. And have picked up a lot of bits of knowledge about a lot of things along … Continue reading

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After we lock it up, what can we do with the locker?

Another lost draft being published late . . . Researchers have found a way to dramatically speed up the formation of the mineral magnesite. Magnasite formation removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Normally this process takes many, many years but … Continue reading

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Potentially More Legal Overreach by USA

This is another forgotten draft from Feb 2018. Last June in a previous posting I opined on the potential worst-case scenario for Canadian businesses that run afoul of US government restrictions on trade with Cuba. In that piece it was … Continue reading

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