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Revivification News During Easter Week

An interesting collision of science news and religious holy days took place this past week. While the Christian world got ready to observe Easter, remembering how Jesus was executed and then resurrected, the world of Science was announcing the cellular … Continue reading

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History Herstory Makes Monetary Misery

Nothing kills a joke like having to explain it. And if the joke has anything off-colour about it that can see it called into question at some later date in a completely non-comedic context then that joke becomes a sin … Continue reading

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Daring or Dangerous?

This is the last lost draft I’m dredging up to publish. (it’s not that old) I’ve been involved with computers for a long time. And have picked up a lot of bits of knowledge about a lot of things along … Continue reading

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Potentially More Legal Overreach by USA

This is another forgotten draft from Feb 2018. Last June in a previous posting I opined on the potential worst-case scenario for Canadian businesses that run afoul of US government restrictions on trade with Cuba. In that piece it was … Continue reading

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It was a Fact Of Life until it wasn’t

My whole life the thinking on mitochondria was that the DNA for that was passed only from the Mother. Our own DNA comes from both parents but not that of the symbiotic bacteria that power all of our cells. That … Continue reading

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It Was My Week

Last week turned out to be My Week. On Thursday Oct 18 the City and Community Futures handed out Volunteer Appreciation awards. Two were handed out: Outstanding Community Service and Volunteer Of The Year which is the one I was … Continue reading

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Working with victims of disaster

Nearly 4 months ago we were hit by a devastating flood – the worst in our history. It’s left large areas of our city unoccupied and in question of restoration. During this I heard the experiences of those affected, saw … Continue reading

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