coincidence rambling

Coincidence or ?

I’ve subscribed to a few YouTube channels, mostly science and technical stuff. And when I have the time I’ll watch what they put up.

I just watched a video by Veritasium on the question “Is our food becoming less nutritious?”

At the end of the video I paused playback and a few seconds later my eye caught something. In the suggested videos on the right one of the thumbnails had a guy in it that looked very similar to the guy in the end-frame of the video I’d just watched. Not identical but very similar . . . even to the shirt.



That other video, by Knowing Better, is here:

I watched both videos to the end. I learned some things in both, was also entertained a bit too.

But it the back of my head a little voice asks the question: Did the YouTube AI take into account visual similarities as well as topical content similarities when assembling this suggested videos list?