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Coral is Bleaching – It is time to do something . . . genetic engineering to the rescue

Have we arrived at a moment in the world’s history where only geo and genetic engineering can stave off the massive extinction many see coming? I once wrote a short story where the upshot was the extinction of Homo Sapiens … Continue reading

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Advances in Microscopy Show Inter Cellular Dynamics as 3D Movies

A new dawn in bio-imaging . . . our old microscope images will be like cave drawings of a bygone era. Watch the video below – I can almost guarantee you’ve never seen this before. This is from supporting material … Continue reading

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Crash Corner – Broncos Crash Might Not Be First Multiple Fatality Crash There

I’m watching the repeating coverage about the recent fatal crash of the Hockey team the Humboldt Broncos. Loaded Bus versus Loaded Semi 15 dead on the bus. Over the past two seasons I’ve been doing volunteer camera work for the … Continue reading

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