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Core Electrons Show Deeper Effect

In this piece they talk about the ability of Carbon to change its core electron arrangement and the inability of Silicon to follow suit. It has to do with the Core electrons, those in the already filled shells and orbitals. … Continue reading

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Crash Corner – Broncos Crash Might Not Be First Multiple Fatality Crash There

I’m watching the repeating coverage about the recent fatal crash of the Hockey team the Humboldt Broncos. Loaded Bus versus Loaded Semi 15 dead on the bus. Over the past two seasons I’ve been doing volunteer camera work for the … Continue reading

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Role Playing Leads to Mixed Up Players

Recently a report was published about the work environment in the Vancouver School Board. You can read about that in this CBC article. The report was prepared for WorkSafeBC (the workers compensation board’s current incarnation) Last fall the VSB trustees … Continue reading

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Machines can sense our emotional state. The relationship is about to change.

Progress in the interface between Us (the Humans) and It (Intelligent Technology) has mainly consisted in extending and improving the range of physical and communication-al channels by which we are shown the virtual world and effect our will upon it … Continue reading

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Did Silent Movies come with notes for the musical accompaniment?

This evening I came across an old film, Tillie’s Punctuated Romance, showing on Turner Classic Movies. It was a silent film from 102 yeas ago. Initially I thought it was a Charlie Chaplin film because that’s who I saw and recognized … Continue reading

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Breaking up for profit

It’s late and I’m reading the latest on how much of the mainstream media seem to want to pile on the anti-Bernie hobby horse, this time the way they have gone along with the New York Daily News’s crappy editing … Continue reading

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Irony with Facebook

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