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SENOLYTICS could be it.

(Update at end)

Always have to take a skeptical view whenever the phrase Fountain Of Youth comes into the text but it is an interesting idea: get rid of the senescent cells and rejuvenate the system.

What does that? This class of materials called SENOLYTICS.

Plus the news that senescent cells can have two nuclei was a bit of a head scratching jaw dropper.

New cause of cell aging discovered: Findings have huge implications for cancer and age-related health conditions — ScienceDaily


Mayo researchers have had success with humans given Senolytics.

demonstrated for the first time that senescent cells can be removed from the body using drugs termed “senolytics”

Now that we’re up to scenescent cell count reduction it shouldn’t be long before they start to work out metrics for changes in bio-function and overall health. Yahoo!