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There was this dream . . .

Trump is reported to have called a lot of places ‘shit holes’ and ticked off many people and nations around the world.
After years of building and maintaining a global reach for their economy, culture and military might, the top spot in the dreams and aspirations for people and nations struggling around the world – along comes Donald Trump who erodes it and then spits on it with a shitty comment about shit-hole countries. What a shithead thing to do.
Whether or not he’s Putin’s stooge, he is unilaterally doing much to boost the power and influence of China just as it expands out in to the world.
Why do I say that?
Every country he ticks off, every deal he reneges on gets attention soon afterwards from China. China is making friends and deals in the vacuum Trump leaves behind as he dismantles the Dream of the USA in the minds and hearts of all those who dreamt it out there in the wide world outside the USA.
As more and more dreamers begin to think the USA is not the place they really want to be, and that it doesn’t want them also, one could say they begin to wake up. And once they’ve woken they might find the rose colored glasses they’ve been regarding the USA with are gone. And the USA then becomes just another country . . . maybe special in some ways but not the end all be all they used to think it was.
At some point enough of the cultural trend setters in nations around the world will wake up. And their effect on those who they influence will not be good for the USA.
Already technical schools in India and China are regarded as viable, or desirable, alternatives to American ones by a growing number of bright future scientists, engineers, and intellectuals in many ‘developing’ nations.
Bollywood makes more movies than Hollywood.
China is ramping up to also be major competitors in that game, making ‘hollywood’ movies with American actors and directors in China.
As time moves on more and more bastions of what used to be uniquely American culture will be invaded, or replaced, with products, ideas and art from other countries.
The USA will drop from the Top of the heap down into the ranks of being Just Another Country.
And as it’s influence wanes so might its economic fortunes.
The status and standard of living it promotes require a certain basic minimum amount of economic prosperity. I find it hard to think that a drop in status and influence wouldn’t be reflected in a downward change of economic fortune as well.
What worries me is when the USA gets screwed into a corner economically and begins to find it hard to pay its banker. Or its Bonds. That narrows their options greatly. In bygone times when this happened to monarchs one of the options open, and sometimes taken, is to not pay your banker. And fight them, destroy them, if you have to.
Apparently China is their banker.
Reportedly it owns their debt.
It makes most of what they buy.
But that won’t happen, you say. Saner heads will prevail before it comes to that, you suggest.
But will they? I ask.
They had a tough time for a few years. Courtesy of unrestrained greed in their financial industry. It also roughly coincided with the rise of the Tea Party and a rising wave of distrust of institutions within the USA. And in reaction they elected Donald Trump president. And he’s talking tough and rough and pissing off many people within and without of the USA.
Who will be in control when the whole mess has slid into the dumper and shit hits the fan a few more years down the road?
When faced with intractable politics, and nearly unfixable economics, will that President take some ‘God given right’ tack about the USA getting its own way?
What a pickle.
For all of us.
As we chew on that more dreamers are waking up. Realizing that the fortunes they dreamed of in that far off place called America aren’t going to happen. But maybe they can remake the places they live to be more like where they want to live.
The more of them that wake up the closer we get to that world described above . . .