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Coincidence or ?

I’ve subscribed to a few YouTube channels, mostly science and technical stuff. And when I have the time I’ll watch what they put up.

I just watched a video by Veritasium on the question “Is our food becoming less nutritious?”

At the end of the video I paused playback and a few seconds later my eye caught something. In the suggested videos on the right one of the thumbnails had a guy in it that looked very similar to the guy in the end-frame of the video I’d just watched. Not identical but very similar . . . even to the shirt.



That other video, by Knowing Better, is here:

I watched both videos to the end. I learned some things in both, was also entertained a bit too.

But it the back of my head a little voice asks the question: Did the YouTube AI take into account visual similarities as well as topical content similarities when assembling this suggested videos list?



Shades of Donald Rumsfeld – The Truth Isn’t The Truth. That may be one the unknown unknowns (to me at least) – Business Insider: Rudy Giuliani says he doesn’t want Trump to get stuck in a perjury trap in an interview with Mueller because ‘Truth isn’t truth’


It’s Smoky Out Here

It’s Wildfire season all over the western part of North America. California has historic wildfires. BC has over 600 burning right now. Just the other day they declared a province-wide state of emergency.

3 years ago we had out first bout with being smoked in. You can see things from that summer at the bottom of this post .

Now it’s 2018.

Even though I’d purchased an air cleaner last summer, I still had furnace filters to tape to my fan so I built another air cleaner like I did in 2015. The pic below was taken Wednesday. I put the new filter on on Sunday.


To get an idea of how much smoke there is in the air in out valley I took a few more pics.


A few nights ago I was out with the dogs and realized with all the smoke particles in the air a flashlight beam would be visible. So I set up a rig and took some pictures.

My first picture I took using my phone and it was completely black. So I went to get my DSLR and took some long exposure shots.


The last time it was this bad in our valley was 2015.

I found breathing was getting to be difficult and since we didn’t have an air cleaning system I went online to find out how to build one.

Then a few days later I had to switch the filter because it was pretty foul.



When the guy at the top spouts BS a lot we shouldn’t be surprised when his appointees do so as well. – Ajit Pai grilled by lawmakers on why FCC spread “myth” of DDoS attack – Ars Technica