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Things we did not know about things we know about

Late night after shooting/editing/posting video segments (here’s one) AND Zoomified┬áimages to the web I needed some unwind time so I did some news trolling and then catching up on science news. Wow! Things are popping – figuratively popping up for … Continue reading

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Is Facebook Stealing moving media from web pages?

I recently has occasion to make a whiny, complaining, post on FaceBook about something I suspected FB of trying to do. Seeing as it was my post I feel no compunction about repeating (and maybe expounding on) it here. The … Continue reading

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How Connectedness creates drag in the real world

I recently read a news piece about a restaurant that had the desire to compare 2004 and 2014 Customer Service in their place of business. They’d become concerned over a negative change in the customer ratings of their restaurant in … Continue reading

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How Hot Can It Get In A Car In Canada?

How hot can it get in a vehicle in the sun here in Grand Forks, BC? In the early part of August 2005 we watched a news item from Toronto about a toddler left in a minivan on a very … Continue reading

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