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Drink Deadly Delight For Wasps

Along the drive home from Vancouver we stopped for a while at Bromley Rock. This is a place along the Similkameen River which has been a popular spot for summer water fun. Some jump off the rock into the stream while many just have fun in the river. It’s not uncommon for floaters to stop for a while, we used to years back.

And there’s a Provincial Park with picnic tables. Which is were this sorry tale of woe occurs …

I had a drink, a smoothie, from Dairy Queen. My friend Ken and I sat at the picnic table while his wife went down to the water. We weren’t alone … a few ants wandered the table and a Wasp hovered nearby.

It didn’t take too long for the wasp to become interested by something and it began a serious search mode behaviour darting here and there to find the thing that smelled so good. Pretty soon it was clear that my drink was the object of its desire.
I tried covering the wide mouth of the hemispherical lid. Not enough.
I moved it under the table … eventually the wasp found it.
I moved it back above and the wasp followed.
Now had it on my hand and when I waved it to shoo the wasp away the opposite happened: it found my hand smelled good too so it followed my palm around!

So I eventually let it have the remains of the drink and backed away. Shortly the wasp was joined by friends … watch and see what happened then. (I will point out that you need the Google Chrome web browser to view this video correctly.)

NOTE: I DID dump the drink onto the ground shortly after turning the camera off. The last I saw one of the wasps was managing to drag itself out of the slime to safety. Maybe it lived and maybe it became someone else’s snack – we didn’t stick around to find out.

360 degree video Nature

Soothing Stream Video

Okay, it is soothing? Really? Well I don’t know … I used the word because it worked with ‘Stream’. Maybe you’ll find yourself needing to use the facilities …

Anyway … as I was touring my friends around we stopped at Bridal Veil Falls Park to have a bite to to eat. (No there is no video of the falls, my friend’s fragile physical state precluded taking a 15 minute hike to see them.) But a small stream ran through the park and right by where we were eating. So I placed my 360 degree video camera on a few rocks in an attempt to capture something of the essence of being by the water as it burbled by. In order to shift your view around you need to be using Google’s Chrome web browser (as of this date Aug 1/2015)

There are actually two videos, the second one starts after a minute. You can hear children in the background and see a bit of them at one point as they pass by on a trail. It’s a scene of a segment of summer seen from a stream on your screen.

360 degree video videography

A Little Sunday Drive in 360 degrees.

We had occasion to drive out to Christina Lake, the next town to the east of us, today. I took advantage of the opportunity to use the SP360 camera to work on capturing highway driving.

This video is the drive out from downtown GF to mid Christina Lake. I used a piece of music from Kevin MacLeods’ excellent website

I shortened the video run time to match the music. So it’s traveling along faster than normal speed.

As I did this one I thought about how to do titles and credits again. In my previous video I put them around the edge repeated 120 degrees apart. I wasn’t happy with the result. Likely the limited drawing abilities in Premiere’s Titler and my limited ability to utilize them to best effect.

Here’s the thing with titling and 360 degree video: Unless it is visible to all angles it might be not seen. Unless satisfactory pre-warping is done the titles get a wavy look to them when they run the circumference of the viewing dome.

So where to put the Titles?

This time I chose to put them in the apex of the dome. So the viewer just has to Look Up. To make them aware I use the hand point up symbol from the Wingdings font and put eight suitably rotated and place versions around the circumference with all pointing to the centre. Then I could just make them all bounce up and down by making the Scaling go from 100% to 80% and back again.

Oh before I forget: If you want to see this and get the full 360 degree video effect you have to watch it with Google’s Chrome web browser at this time.

Ok – now that I’ve looked at it I can see some issues with the titling

  1. because I wasn’t sure which would be the initial angle that the video start with the titles were upside down when you looked up from the ‘front’ direction.
  2. the actual amount of time that the titles were on was far too short to accommodate the clumsiness in turn the view right side up.

And I’m still not all that happy with the rendering … if you watch it in Firefox and the unwrapping is not happening the image looks nice and clear. Watch it as a 360 degree video in Chrome and there’s a definite soft mushiness. Kind of like the difference between the SD Wide and the HD versions of the Hero camera.