Quantum Leaps, Long Assumed to Be Instantaneous, Take Time | Quanta Magazine

Say what?

The Copenhagen Interpretation is a decade short of it’s centenary and one of it’s fundamental assumptions has been found to be wrong or incomplete.

The idea that the changes from one Quantum state to another happen instantaneously has been shown to not be the case: these things actually take a finite amount of time!


A tiny pharmacy is identifying big problems with common drugs, including Zantac

Top Stories | A tiny pharmacy is identifying big problems with common drugs, including Zantac
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As I read this story I found myself struck by the great idea that a pharmacy would actually spend the money, the time, and the effort to test the contents of the drugs that it gets from its suppliers before it sends them out to its customers.
Why don’t more companies do this?
Why is it that a small online pharmacy has become a Frontline watchdog that finds things that the FDA doesn’t?
I wish I heard more about companies putting their customers’ safety ahead of raw profit taking. I wish there was more evidence that corporations, which are staffed by human beings after all, are putting humans ahead, or at least on a par, with Profits.

Just in case the link goes to somewhere on the other side of a pay wall where you can’t read it … the gist of the article is that the recent recall of Zantac, is the result of a small online pharmacy that does something unique as far as I can tell: what they do is test the drugs that they get from their suppliers and have to send out to their customers.
They test them for their efficacy – and whether they will do what they say they will – and if they contain what they say they will contain – and if they contain things that they shouldn’t contain.
When I say ‘will do what they say they will do’ I do not mean that they have a hospital ward with patients and they’re seeing whether the drugs will actually help the patients – no that’s not it.
For things that are supposed to dissolve in your stomach, let’s say within the first 5 hours, they essentially set up a system that simulates the stomach and they see how long does it take.

They use technology to study the contents of these drugs to see what solids might be combined with the drugs as fillers.

The fact that they can do this and still be in business speaks to the possibility that other companies I could do the same. I would hope that trendy Wall Street firms that help you make ethical investments are paying attention to the news and that they learn about this and push this firm. And maybe even talk to other friends about the potential for more investment in fair companies from people who recognize and appreciate when a company takes the trouble and time to care about their customers and put the customers ahead of their profits.

I almost forgot to mention the company – that would be a bonehead mistake.

It’s Valisure.