Birthdays and Little kids

Being of an age there are children out there that call me granddad. And coincidentally two of them have birthdays within a day of each other even though they were born 10 years apart and half a continent away from each other.

This year I was in Grand Forks and the youngest had her 1st birthday party.

This is her dancing.

Cora Dances
Cora Dances

She also got her first taste of Sugar … notice how gingerly she treats the cake. She was quite ‘nice to it’ for a while … until she found the chocolate innards that is 🙂

Cora's 1st Birthday Cake
Cora’s 1st Birthday Cake

She really enjoyed herself and being the centre of attention didn’t hurt at all 🙂


cora_clappingecstatic_about_cakeIn the small one where she is looking up … there’s no one there – she’s just ecstatic about something … could be the fun … could be the sugar taking effect.