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Crowning Moment

While we were sitting down to Christmas dinner there was a moment that I’m glad I captured on camera. Cora, who is 5 – almost 6, was put in the position of having to live with a broken tissue paper … Continue reading

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It was a Fact Of Life until it wasn’t

My whole life the thinking on mitochondria was that the DNA for that was passed only from the Mother. Our own DNA comes from both parents but not that of the symbiotic bacteria that power all of our cells. That … Continue reading

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Progress ticks along and the future gets closer

Back in 2015 I opined that change in societal thinking on subjects around genetics and editing human genes would inevitably happen with Time. In that article I referred to gene therapy research in China. Last week the world learned about … Continue reading

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Winter Road Trip Adventure

Posted in misery | Tagged , , , , , | Leave a comment A universal DNA nano-signature for cancer

Finally – a marker all cancers have in common. A universal DNA nano-signature for cancer.

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