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Most things I do involve computers. Nowadays that sounds stupid to hear because everyone uses computers. Except I was saying that before the IBM PC came on the scene. (hint: my first programs were entered on punch cards in an IBM-29) Now I mostly use them. Mostly to provide a community service in my small town. Because I could when it was asked and still can. And I'm a wannabe writer. Various books in various states of incompleteness. A few short stories. Might do more of that.

Progress ticks along and the future gets closer

Back in 2015 I opined that change in societal thinking on subjects around genetics and editing human genes would inevitably happen with Time. In that article I referred to gene therapy research in China. Last week the world learned about … Continue reading

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Winter Road Trip Adventure

Posted in misery | Tagged , , , , , | Leave a comment A universal DNA nano-signature for cancer

Finally – a marker all cancers have in common. A universal DNA nano-signature for cancer.

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LB + EA + ML = Your Life Saved From Cancer

Got your attention with that last bit didn’t I? But what about the formula terms? LB = Liquid Biopsy = no snipping bits off or out, just a simple blood sample. EA = Epigenetic Alterations = things Cancer does to … Continue reading

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Hacking Information Processing Problems In Human Brains

A long while ago I remember being introduced to the idea that we do not sense the world directly because we actually experience the results of sensory data being turned into information. The cells in the ear that turn mechanical … Continue reading

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It Was My Week

Last week turned out to be My Week. On Thursday Oct 18 the City and Community Futures handed out Volunteer Appreciation awards. Two were handed out: Outstanding Community Service and Volunteer Of The Year which is the one I was … Continue reading

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US Nato envoy’s threat to Russia: stop developing missile or we’ll ‘take it out’

US Nato envoy’s threat to Russia: stop developing missile or we’ll ‘take it out’ WTF are they thinking down in the US State Department? Let’s threaten to poke the Russian Bear hard in the eye and see how he … Continue reading

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