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Tinnitus detectable as structural changes in how the brain processes thought and emotion

I’m a person with Tinnitus. When I was a child I thought it meant you had a tin ear – that it meant you couldn’t hear or differentiate musical tones the way most people could. I’ve since learned that’s not … Continue reading

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Canada Cuba US Business Hazards

With President Trump’s recent rollback of Obama era changes to Cuban relations have come new challenges to Canadian firms. In this CBC article “U.S. punishes American firm after its Canadian subsidiary leases cars to Cuban embassy in Ottawa” a number … Continue reading

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Wells Fargo Banksters At It Again

Wells Fargo has had its hands slapped in the recent past for doing things to its customers without their knowledge or consent. In that case they were signing customers up for credit cards and then taking them away – ostensibly … Continue reading

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HeLa might be a double edged weapon

In the last year or so I’ve heard a number of stories that just tonight became connected by a volunteer process somewhere in the back of my mind. HeLa is the one I’ve heard most of. For those who don’t … Continue reading

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Caveat Emptor

Today I heard reference once again to ’25,000 peer reviewed studies’. This was in a discussion about micro-cell installations and EMF. I’ve heard this phrase bandied about before in the same context and almost always by opponents of cellphone and … Continue reading

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Fix that DNA

Today I was looking at and found 3 really exciting developments. Bound to change medicine and our lives forever. Cancer detection, full genome sequencing on a small budget and fixing the broken Fixer responsible for the bad effects of … Continue reading

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Role Playing Leads to Mixed Up Players

Recently a report was published about the work environment in the Vancouver School Board. You can read about that in this CBC article. The report was prepared for WorkSafeBC (the workers compensation board’s current incarnation) Last fall the VSB trustees … Continue reading

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