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Go to gftv.ca

Why are you reading this blog? It’s from mewho am I?

I’m in my latter 60’s, male, Canadian.
Sorry. (had to say that – I’m Canadian, eh? 😉 )

I was raised in the city during the school year and the country in the summer (until I was 12). So my head isn’t quite in both places … now I live in a small town in rural BC. I guess that’s kind of half way between …

split me

Never really thought I’d be a blogger – and the jury is still out on that one.

Been involved with computers in one way or another longer than most. (my first programs were fed to computers on punch cards … is that far enough back for you?)

I don’t write code anymore … it takes a lot of time and energy and concentration that I’ve decided to give to the other parts of my life. A day comes and you have to make a decision: life or work. Family or job.

But I’m still using computers … just to do things with instead of tinkering with them. Think of it this way: Would you rather spend your time working on your car or going places in it?

And what am I doing with those computers and that time? Well I have a few irons in the fire …
For my little community I have served as ‘that video guy’ (though that period has kind of run out what with everyone having the capability to shoot video these days). And I had a website to show that off: gftv.ca / grandforkstv.ca were the same place. And the domains whatsupingrandforks.com / whatsgrandforks.com / whatsingf.com and whatsupgf.com all pointed at a page that used to have a community events calendar on that site. Note that before the end of 2020 most of those sites will likely go away . . .

I have another blog where I can tinker around a bit more and most of my photography goes into that. lesjohnson.ca is the address and in that spot you will find more visuals and less words.

I’ve built another site, showoffgrandforks.com, which supported a local contest I devised. The idea was to get local people to create videos to promote our town to the world. And they’d win money donated by locals. The contest was a few years ago …

And I was involved in yet another website over at Google’s free sites. That one is a local initiative to try and raise awareness of what is going on in the bush with the wildlife. That is wildlifeheritageforever.com. Of course that’s pretty long for most people to type in correctly the first time so you might prefer to try wlhf.org

3 replies on “About”

Hi Les. Just saw your 360 videos and really enjoyed them. I’m actually the Head of Publisher Relations for the new immersive video platform, Vrideo.com. Would love to see these videos shared here as well for our audience to see. Looking forward to seeing them. -Tony Mariani, tony@vrideo.com

Les, I am planning to host drum and chant meditations at the Learning Garden medicine wheel in support of Native activities worldwide protecting our waters, fishes, wildlife and lands from corporate devastation. Would you be interested in recording the events and posting them to the internet?

Les, guess you maybe went to Daniel Mac, too!! I remember the school yells and going to the
football games at Osborne Park, etc., when the school was just a triangle shape. Yes, and
doing hurdles in sport day, and singing in the choir for the Winnipeg School Musical Festival.

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