Super Mailboxes with Skinny Mouths

In Canada the mail is delivered by Canada Post. And Canada Post has been moving towards making everyone use a community mailbox of some sort so they can cut out the mail carriers. Meaning instead of mail being delivered to your home you have to walk over to a community mailbox cluster and fetch it from a box in a grid of other boxes.

This is quite controversial with various people pointing at the lack of security for self standing public boxes and the hardship of senior citizens having to make that trek in inclement weather conditions like snow.

This evening I watched a CTV television news piece on the latest wrinkle in this plan: One version of these Super Boxes are so skinny that some people cannot get their hands far enough into the box to fetch mail that is at the back. So some are resorting to using tongs … I couldn’t resist.


My apologies on the French. I used Google translate to get it and have no idea if it’s correct Quebecois or not …

You can read about it here