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Revivification News During Easter Week

An interesting collision of science news and religious holy days took place this past week. While the Christian world got ready to observe Easter, remembering how Jesus was executed and then resurrected, the world of Science was announcing the cellular … Continue reading

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Hacking Information Processing Problems In Human Brains

A long while ago I remember being introduced to the idea that we do not sense the world directly because we actually experience the results of sensory data being turned into information. The cells in the ear that turn mechanical … Continue reading

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Virtual Is Stil Virtual In The Brain

It appears that our best efforts to provide an immersive virtual reality experience still fall short of fooling even a rat brain that the world it is in is real. We know this because researchers studied just that, how the … Continue reading

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Imagination Information Flows Being Mapped

Researchers in the USA are making headway in mapping the flow of information in human brains. (notice the pun?) One particular find is how the direction of info flow flips when a person switches from imagining to perceiving (or reality). … Continue reading

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Fiction as Life, Beliefs Tied to Self

A long time ago (decades) I watched a NOVA science documentary on the Mind. The program covered leading edge research in this area and a number of aspects and discoveries were visited. Once of the researchers covered was Dr. Michael … Continue reading

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Old Brains Benefit From Young Blood Results from recent studies show that Older Mice apparently show cogntive function improvement when they are given injections of blood plasma from younger mice. Something in the blood has a positive effect. Conversely something … Continue reading

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