Soothing Stream Video

Okay, it is soothing? Really? Well I don’t know … I used the word because it worked with ‘Stream’. Maybe you’ll find yourself needing to use the facilities …

Anyway … as I was touring my friends around we stopped at Bridal Veil Falls Park to have a bite to to eat. (No there is no video of the falls, my friend’s fragile physical state precluded taking a 15 minute hike to see them.) But a small stream ran through the park and right by where we were eating. So I placed my 360 degree video camera on a few rocks in an attempt to capture something of the essence of being by the water as it burbled by. In order to shift your view around you need to be using Google’s Chrome web browser (as of this date Aug 1/2015)

There are actually two videos, the second one starts after a minute. You can hear children in the background and see a bit of them at one point as they pass by on a trail. It’s a scene of a segment of summer seen from a stream on your screen.

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