Synthetic Biological Circuitry

“it could lead to synthetic biological circuits that constantly measure glucose levels in the blood of diabetic patients, automatically triggering the release of insulin when it is needed”

Synthetic biology.

Cells and components made by man.

Circuits added into the cells in your body.

As I read this Science Daily article bursting with so much possibility I’m also cognizant that the community where I live has shown a serious anti- attitude, heavily tinged with fear and distrust of many things that they do not understand and the people who do.

And I wonder just how ‘shocked’ and ‘horrified’ they’d be if they heard about this …

Anyhow, in the article they talk about using synthetic biology to construct ‘circuitry’ that takes various Inputs and responds with predictable Outputs under the right conditions. Just like electronic circuitry does.

Apparently there has been progress in this area – they can make individual components of these circuits work fairly reliably. But they’ve had a problem with that when these component parts are assembled into larger assemblages, circuits. What was predictable, consistent, behaviour as a single component became less predictable and consistent in a circuit. The article talks about an advance which might allow these to become as predictable and their electronic counterparts. Which brings man-made bio-circuitry closer to reality.


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Most things I do involve computers. Nowadays that sounds stupid to hear because everyone uses computers. Except I was saying that before the IBM PC came on the scene. (hint: my first programs were entered on punch cards in an IBM-29) Now I mostly use them. Mostly to provide a community service in my small town. Because I could when it was asked and still can. And I'm a wannabe writer. Various books in various states of incompleteness. A few short stories. Might do more of that.
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