Got my Passport and visited another country

Sheesh this post-a-day thing is harder than it looks … I think I missed Sunday.

And I missed Sunday because we went for a drive and got back in the evening and then had an evening of catch-up on TV. (sundays are kind of reserved for going for a drive).

The last time I visited the USA was something like 30 years ago. Back then you didn’t need a passport to cross into the USA from Canada. Now it’s passport or enhanced drivers license required.

Most of Canada’s population lives within 200 miles of the border with the USA. Most of my life has been spent within 80 miles distance. And for the last 10 years I’ve lived less than 2 miles from the USA. But it’s never been a big deal for me like it is for others. Sure things are cheaper there, a lot cheaper. But that hasn’t been enough of a persuasive argument to go there – why would I think screwing local retailers out of a buck is a good thing? It’s not their fault prices in our country are higher than in another country.

Anyhow, my partner Lorraine has been bugging me to get my passport for a few years now … and I finally did. It came on Friday and Sunday we went for a drive down to Colville Washington.

It’s a nice drive. Beautiful in fact. Eventually Route 395 connects with the Columbia river system and crosses over at Kettle Falls. Which is on a lake created by a dam I’m guessing.

I look forward to adding content to the roads I’ve already got and present on one of my other sites That site is a few years stale and I’d like to add to it. I began that back when I was beginning to learn about Annotations in YouTube videos. And had my first GoPro Hero cameras. Before they were HD.

Gotta go and have a meeting … so that’s all for now.

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