Things we did not know about things we know about

Late night after shooting/editing/posting video segments (here’s one) AND Zoomified images to the web I needed some unwind time so I did some news trolling and then catching up on science news.

Wow! Things are popping – figuratively popping up for us to notice but they’ve been there all along and we just hadn’t been paying close enough attention …

Half the World Is Infected with Something We Just Found

So it turns out that there is a virus living in the bacteria that live in human guts and has since forever and we just became aware of it.
It’s in half the humans they’ve checked.

The bacteria it lives in is at the far end of the intestinal tract, you know where that is, and the researchers who found this virus have named it crAssphageI shit you not.

This virus has likely been around in humans forever – we just found out about it. It might have some influence on the life and behaviour of the bacteria and through that maybe on obesity so they’re studying that.

Bugs making Caves

For the second time tonight I read about how something was happening under our noses and we just now twigged to it. And this time it’s something about an organism we study and work with a LOT.- E Coli.

When E Coli finds itself in salty water that is drying up it creates a little shell structure of Salt for itself to hide in and goes dormant. Later on when it gets wet again it wakes back up.

The discovery was made by chance with a home microscope
How cool is that?
I really do have to start playing with mine …

And when I read “the bacteria had the ability to join the salt crystallisation and modulate the development and growth of the sodium chloride crystals”
I wondered: How much EColi genetic material is involved in that?
And could it be used for similar purposes in other environments?

Like a biological-based 3D printer/constructor ‘nozzle’ that spins chemistry into structures for instance …



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Most things I do involve computers. Nowadays that sounds stupid to hear because everyone uses computers. Except I was saying that before the IBM PC came on the scene. (hint: my first programs were entered on punch cards in an IBM-29) Now I mostly use them. Mostly to provide a community service in my small town. Because I could when it was asked and still can. And I'm a wannabe writer. Various books in various states of incompleteness. A few short stories. Might do more of that.
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