Bye Bye Cervical Cancer

Got a spare prayer or wish?
Use it to wish this works out …

A team of British researchers might be about to put and end to cervical cancer. That’s right, no more Cervical Cancer.

They’ve been working for the last decade to try and prove their solution works.

Why do they think their solution will end this particular version of cancer?

There is a strain of human papillomavirus (HPV) that causes virtually all cases of cervical cancer. They have worked out a way to use an already existing drug, from the world of HIV treatment, to knock out HPV. Their treatment has had a better than 90% response rate in testing so far. With no side effects. But they need to do more testing.

Regulatory issues and reformulation costs do not lead to a business case for the big pharmacology companies who already produce it in another form. So the team has had to find other companies that can produce the drug and move off-shore to Africa to conduct testing. All this so they can prove the efficacy of a treatment for a disease that kills a woman every 2 minutes.

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