Novel Material generates electricity from moisture differential

In this article in New Scientist they report: ‘Electricity has been squeezed from a damp surface for the first time, thanks to a polymer film that curls up and moves – a bit like an artificial muscle – when exposed to moisture’

In a previous post I referred to a solar chimney concept that essentially is a synthetic, inside out, tree. Key to my concept is a energy generating ‘leaf’ that uses generates electricity from the mechanical energy involved in flipping between two physical state configurations. As air flows by the bistable ‘leaf’ flips back and forth and with each flip a small amount of electrical energy is derived.

As I was reading the New Scientist article above I was reminded of this concept since the polymer mentioned in the article is performing a similar bistable shape flip-flop and generating electricity as it does so … not that far off my leaf requirements except for the fact it requires a surface and moisture.

But … it gives me hope …


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