Today I am One

Today I am One …
Truly it appears so:
  • I was born in a ’53’ and yesterday I turned 53 so it’s a kind of reset, returning to the beginning mentally
  • This is the 1st birthday of mine since my wife, Laurel’s, death and so it had many tears (not unlike a birth)
  • Laurel was so into doing birthdays up for me and this time she wasn’t there so it was a big 0
  • When my son and I did the cake the only candle we found was a digit, a big fat Zero
And so today … it’s 0 plus 1 day … and I sit here alone.
Today I am 1 in more ways than 1.
And this is thanks to Maya, may she rot in her own personal hell, hopefully alone as well.
I wonder when your birthday is Maya, and if you’re feeling like it’s a new life for you as well … your first birthday as a killer … I won’t wish you a happy one of course.
But I hope that you have time to think about what you’ve done before you get blotto or high or whatever it is that you do.
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