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plan for conquering the world …

from an email with my friend:
>  guess the advice giving comes more naturally. It’s probably BS advice anyway.
All advice is BS …
some BS is Better Suited is all,
and other advice is Beer Speaking …
and since I’m Becoming Stinko (on wine mind you)
it don’t Bother or Sting me
if BeSmitten here
By Some forms
of the reflections on the Biting Stupidity
of the Basic Simplicity, or truth, of my Bumbling Situation …
Damn the torpedoes – BullShit ahead full steam.
I’m watching Frontline and it’s about IRAQ and the ‘Insurgency’.
It’s bloody.
I’m pretty much anti-religious … christian, musilm, hindu, – don’t much care – you’re all off your rockers as far as I’m concerned 🙂
( I actually checked to see how it was spelled, muslim or moslem … and I guessed the less offensive one I guess …. geeze even this Politically Correct game is a bloody guessing game)
But … I’m watching this Frontline, remember, and I’m thinking that if the USA really wants to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi’s, and the rest of the world, maybe they should just give them networked PC’s and American culture. MTV. Home-Box. Come on, who can resist? Right?
In the final analysis it’s the culture that wins or loses … if your culture is so strong and you’re confident in it’s appeal and allure and supremacy … then put your culture and PC’s where your mouth is and save some GI’s …
How many PC’s is a GI worth anyway?
Really – think about that.
I’m guessing that the average GI takes north of $200K to train and equip … that’s how many wireless, laptop, PC’s? 150? 200?
By now there’s over 2000 dead GI’s in Iraq … this was a country that actually had parties with chicks and booze … not so religious like, say, Iran. You’d think it would be a natural knockover for American Culture, wouldn’t you?
I sympathize with the poor schmucks that got themselves sent to Iraq.
The impetus can be extremely compelling and, even if you don’t believe all that much
– when they start shooting at you … you know which side you are on …
This is a world wide web … think about that.
Some of the people that might possibly read this, and think they’re ‘fighting the good fight’, may be on the ‘opposite side’ from you … hey, if you really believe in some monotheistic god, you’re already on the wrong side as far as I’m concerned …
Hundreds, thousands of young people, mostly men, around the world everyday watch the news and think ‘that’s the good fight – they’re living the life I only dream of’. And they’re not all seeing the same side.
Some speak English and see themselves where the Americans are … some do not speak English and see themselves attacking Americans.
Both / All feel that theirs is the ‘good fight’.
Mutual contradictory truths … another curse of the world
I’d love to blame this on religion but, alas, it doesn’t need religion to exist.
Some part of the fabric of the ‘west’ will contain a mix of ‘christian’ and ‘muslim’ cultural systems … Britain, France, Germany … one or two of these or another will have to deal with ‘quietly-competing’ or ‘co-tolerating’ religio-cultural group mixes in ways that allow them to co-exist without killing each other.
Good luck with that …
This is something in the future, of course, and maybe something that would be worth analysis for the ‘west’ (read USA) … so it can get ahead of the curve … if you want to live with the vipers of religion you’ll have to learn how to create an environment that manages cultural viper dens …
Am I being a cynical atheist here or what?
Really, think about how one can coexist with a religion that has adherents saying things like ‘There is no god but god, god is great!!’
Sorry … but that translates into ‘our way or f**k you’.
I don’t respond well to threats.
All these mono-theistic religions, they’re all the same when push comes to shove, our way or the (eternal) highway.
That’s the way it appears to those of us who do not believe … you can believe that.
Here’s a question:
We live in a world with a broad religious grouping based on ‘christianity’, correct?
Well, there was some sort of religion that the people that ‘Jesus’ led, believed in … a god … the one with .. no name … ooohhh … scary stuff …
So what was that religion called?
Like, Christianity, Christmas – that’s named after ‘Christ’ – which is the ‘office’ or ‘station’ of the man called ‘Jesus’.
Am I wrong?
So what religion did Jesus believe in?
Yes, I think that is what I’m getting to:
What religion did Jesus believe in? Did it have a name? (I’m so bad)
Wait … he was a Jewish gentleman wasn’t he?
What does that make Christians? No, I don’t need an answer …
We put men on the moon nearly 40 years ago … why are we still hagridden with these religions I ask?
Doesn’t anyone find it suspicious that only lunatics and ‘different’ people have visions and experience communications with gods? Fast until you hallucinate and talk to people that aren’t there and be convincing about the story and you can start or hijack a religion.
I need evidence … there is none.
Don’t ask me to accept it all on Faith … that sounds like the hawkers at the magic show. Sorry, that won’t sell here …
How to conquer the world America?
Give ’em all laptops, free downloads and American Culture … that is the best chance at world domination. I suspect that Osamma knows this … he just doesn’t know how to bomb it yet.
The only real problem would be that ‘globalization’ of the culture could take it away from you, America.
Just as the world uses yankee dollars as a happy medium of exchange, if more people outside the USA lived and shared in and created American culture, then someday how it changes and what it becomes might be defined by people that will never set foot on the Americas. Just because there’s more of them than you.
Need an example?
What language do the non-hispanics in the USA (and a lot of the rest of the world) speak?
It’s called English, isn’t it?
But your American english is not England’s english anymore … and that’s just fine with you isn’t it?
Who defines the growth pattern of the commonly accepted and used English in the international community?
Is it Holllywood? That’s not in England is it?
… hey you, you with the hurt feelings – you do remember the warnings at the top don’t you? Rant .. BS … get it … don’t Be So Bloody Serious …

By xamble

Most things I do involve computers. Nowadays that sounds stupid to hear because everyone uses computers. Except I was saying that before the IBM PC came on the scene. (hint: my first programs were entered on punch cards in an IBM-29)
Now I mostly use them.
Mostly to provide a community service in my small town. Because I could when it was asked and still can.
And I'm a wannabe writer. Various books in various states of incompleteness. A few short stories. Might do more of that.

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